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About Us

In June 2008 ‘The Life for Ella-Grace Fund’ was founded by friends of the Honeyman family who were anxious to help and support the family by raising funds for her life saving treatment. They were aware of our plight and how desperate we were to save out little girl and wanted to help. The procedure is so highly skilled that they wanted to help fund her treatment under the experienced hands of the two surgeons who pioneered the treatment who have many years experience and are the world leaders in this field.

We were advised that the NHS provided funding for the treatment to be carried out in Paris. Both surgeons had worked closely together over a period of 30 years and pioneered the treatment. In terms of experience there was nothing between the two surgeons and logistically, the decision was made that Ella-Grace should go to Paris for her treatment. Having made this decision we were then told that the funding of new cases had ceased because two units had been opened in the UK, Gt. Ormond Street, London and Glasgow in April 2006. Again we investigated the experience of both surgeons in this country and visited Gt Ormond Street. Based on experience and success rates we decided that Ella-Grace must still go to Paris, despite being told that we could not get funding. Our daughter deserved to have the best possible chance of surviving and beating this very rare condition by seeing one of the most experienced surgeons in the world.

Each child who suffers from a VGAM requires individual management. As Ella-Grace’s parents we owed it to her to look at all options and make a decision on, what we believe, is going to give her the best chance of surviving treatment and reducing her aneurysm allowing her, hopefully, to lead as normal a life as possible. This is a personal choice and one that no parent wants to have to make but we made the decision to go with experience in the knowledge that we will have done our very best for Ella-Grace. It has not been an easy decision and it is fraught with ongoing anxiety both for the health of Ella-Grace and how to fund the treatment

Thanks to all those people who have taken Ella-Grace into their hearts and have helped raise funds to date. No words are adequate to thank people enough; it is due to their generosity and sheer determination that she is being treated by the most experienced surgeons. Ella-Grace faces more procedures, her next operation is scheduled for 8th April 09 in New York and is vital to her ongoing treatment

Ella-Grace is a loving, happy little girl who has bravely faced many challenges for her very young age. She is a real fighter and always has a smile on her face; she deserves the very best chance we can give her. Your help and support is appreciated by all the family and we hope that you will continue to support us.

Thank you again for all your help and support.

Laura & Ryan, Ella-Grace’s Parents.

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