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• Hope all goes well next week, thinking of you all, love from Karen, Richard and family. xx
Karen Gregson

• We saw your story recently on the news and wanted to say how Ella-Grace has touched our hearts, please keep us updated on any forthcoming charity events as we would love to help this special little girl, we have popped a cheque in the post to help in anyway we can. Love to all the family, Sara & Gary xx
Gary & Sara Olive

• After watching your appeal the other night, which touched me I felt I had to help in some way therefore a small donation is on its way with my heart felt compliments, Steve
Stephen Haggar

• Have read about Ella-Grace in the EDP, I have donated a small amount of money today and hope that she can have her op very soon, wishing you all the best!!
Theresa Carman

• I am lucky, I have three beautiful grandchildren I cannot begin to imagine how I would feel if one of them was as poorly as Ella Grace. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
Doreen Spence

• We will be sending the money which we raised for Children in Need for Ella Grace instead. Our parents have agreed to this as her story has touched all our hearts. Since we drew her story to their attention they have also been sending in extra money. Sent with love from all at Barnham School xxxx
Barnham CEVCP School

• We all wish Ella-Grace a successful operation on 7th December. We are trying to raise as much money towards this as possible by organising a Prize Draw. Please feel free to download a form and details from our website - We need to receive your ticket money by 1st December and the draw will take place on 18th December. Good luck everyone and best wishes Ella-Grace and her family. X
Old Buckenham High School, Norfolk

• I was very fortunate to have 2 beautiful healthy children!!! So apologies that its not much, but I hope my gift helps you. God Bless.
Ruth Hayward

• Ella-Grace you are so georgeous!! and how lucky you are to have such a beautiful big sister to look after you.
Keep smiling always xxx
Michelle Rowlands

• Your little girl is so brave & so is your family,i am thinking of you all,good luck & god bless,xx
Rose Ballisat

• I wish we could make Ella-Grace well for you all. Keep being strong for your little girls and safe trip to New York. Hopefully the public will pull together and help your sweet little daughter get better and bring her home for Xmas xxx

• I have nearly 1000 friend links in my facebook family. So I have placed a plea for help and support on my wall.
Get well soon Ella-Grace. God Bless. Your in my prayers
Howard Hodges

• Just made a donation and I hope this helps you. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Lots and Lots of Love XXX
Tony, Sarah, Jade & Courtney Gibson

• You are a beautiful family, you made me think how lucky I am x best wishes xxx
Catherine Clarke

• We have just watched Anglia News and the article about Ella Grace. We want to wish you all the best for the future and hope you raise the money needed to get to New York. What a beautiful little girl. We have a daughter of a similar age and your struggle has touched our hearts. You are in our thoughts and prayers, now and always. xxx
Alison & Adrian Meredith

• We saw your little girl on the evening news and thought the least we could do was to make a donation of £10 to help you with your journey. Hope you raise all the money for such a gorgeous little girl. from the Levitt family ! :)
John And Trudy Levitt

• Praying that you will find the strength and courage to see you through the next few weeks.God bless.
Nicola Colchester

• Wishing You All The Luck In The World Ella Grace, Keep Fighting Your In Our Thoughts.
Such a Brave Little Girl! Love Kayleigh & Tracey In Lowestoft x
Kayleigh & Tracey

• Hi i hope your little girl get better soon i wall keep my fingers cross for ella grace if i can do any think plz send a email to me asap plz ashley
Ashley Brennan

• Hi, it was very emotional watching Ella grace on Anglia News. I have posted the link to my facebook page and i hope you get all the money you need for Ellas operation. All the best x x
Michelle Curtis

• I have sent a small cheque I hope it helps , Martin
Martin Porter

• We hope you raise the funds needed to help your beautiful little girl get well again x
Jezz Seville

• Wishing you all best possible wishes for the future.
Dave Edwards

• Hope u manage to get the rest of the 7000 u need all our love x

• We wish you well little girl xx
Steve Cotterell

• We've sent you the donation we would normally be sending to Children in Need Appeal.
God Bless you, Ella-Grace.
Pat & John Skipper

• Our thoughts are with you all and especially your beautiful daughter.
Dale, Melanie, Johnny and Camilla

• It's horrible that a beautiful little girl has to go through with things like this, Ella-Grace is so brave.
You are wonderful parents to her and I wish you all good luck. The website is so wonderful too, very informative and I love the flower design, it really brings to life the spirit of a little girl. Good luck Ella-Grace, the stars are shining down on you. xxx
Sophie Miller xx

• We have read about your lovely daughter Ella-Grace in the EDP.Hope everything turns out well,will say a prayer for her.
Brendan and Joan Hancock.

• So pleased that Ella-Grace is getting on well. Love you all very much.
Trudi Hussey

• Thinking of you all and awaiting good news after Ella-Grace's operation on Wednesday (8th April 09).
Karen Docherty

• Knowing Ella-Grace's daddy, and understanding what it is to be a daddy too, I feel compelled through this website and its message to try and help wherever I can - whether financial, or through awareness... more people, more support... you are in my thoughts, and my prayers, Jonny
Jonny Cross

• Beautiful little girl. Wishing you luck for her next trip in April. from a old friend Jackie.xxxx
Jackie Kennedy Blazey

• I have just signed up to do the Norwich Ring Road sponsored walk. I urge more people to sign up too and if you cannot, please sponsor me or someone else who has. Ella-Grace deserves the best treatment and this comes at a great cost. She has a brilliant family and wonderful friends too who are extremely supportive but are finding it tough to get the treatment costs covered. Economically it's difficult for all of us, but we have to dig deeper for this wonderful little girl. Her website says it all - Life For Ella-Grace.
Wendy Alcock

• Beautiful website, informative for friends and relatives and also other families going through the same ordeal. We wish you all the luck in the world and our thoughts and wishes are with my special God-daughter and all the family for her next trip in April. Much Love, as always, Chanel & Martin x x x (P.s Martin's spotted the golf fundraising day...any excuse for a day off!)
Chanel & Martin

• Wishing Ella-Grace all the best for the future. She is such a beautiful little girl. Great site, really useful and informative. We're both behind your cause and will do all we can to support you. Look forward to some more fundraising soon!! Big hugs to you all
love Victoria & Jaden Hatwell xxxxxx

• Little Ella Grace is gorgeous and hopfully she will soon be over the worse of her operations. God bless!
Sonia Brown x x

• Great site, lovely picture, beautiful girl... Sending much love & all good wishes to you & your family for next op... Looking forward to doing some more fundraising...
Love Sarah, Richard & Girls xxx

• This is a fantastic website, with useful links and a great description of the condition VGM (My son is also affected). I am in touch with Laura regularly and wish you all the love and luck with Ella-Grace's upcoming treatment. Your family has our full support, we feel your pain.
Melody Trupia x x x

• This website is fantastic for getting the word out about Ella-Grace and her condition. Ella-Grace is a beautiful little girl with a BIG personality, she has a lot on her shoulders but carries it effortlessly. With such a wonderful supportive family I am sure that you will set an example for other families in a similar situation. Much love always, Karen Robinson xxxx

Love the website, very pleasing to the eye, beautiful pictures of Ella-Grace and very informative. I hope that you get the support she deserves and desperately needs.
Trudi Hussey xx

Great site, beautifully put together. I'm really pleased to see the 'Donate' page and I hope it helps you get all the funds you need so you can get peace of mind for Ella-Grace's future. I shall be promoting the site widely and also giving up chocolate for lent in my bid to help :) Much Love
Annette Taylor xx

I've followed your daughter's story through a friend on an online forum and many positive thoughts for your future as a family are sent.

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